Daily Misogyny – Celebrating Sheroes: Women History Month

Today for our ‘Monthly Media Spotlight‘ we highlight Women’s History Month – a month long dedication with important media attention to the contributions of women to history and society across time. It’s an annual celebration in March, for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia corresponding with International Women’s Day on March 8 (and yes, there’s an International Men’s Day on November 19).

We are feeling rather optimistic.

Demographics are changing, and despite the every day backlash we face, we feel that we are making progress. Every day we get up, get out and resist the stereotypes, the male resentment, disrespect and the violence towards women. More women are taking over and seeking control in the halls of power in Parliaments, company leadership positions and non-profit organizations. In a time of change, we have the right and the will to fight this daily, regardless of the challenges.

We wonder how many people feel the changes or have a positive view about the future? Does anyone think that the bullies and privileged in the world appreciate the fact that change for the better is inevitable? Change is on the horizon, with more women pushing forward and demanding the opportunity to not just have a place at the table, but to also lead the discussions in the board too. This is a time to build on the successes of the future, to use the momentum to effect positive cultural shifts in how women are treated in the workplace, in the home and in public.

We honor those women before us, those fighting on now, and those who will take the movement forward in the future. By being our authentic selves, we will continue to change the world.

Thank you Feminism.

Can you feel us winning with greater diversity and representation?

We are here. Hear us roar.

For your collective consideration…Have we all been working together more as women of promise and power? How many of us can say that we demand the respect we need as we move into these previously male dominated spaces?

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