A moment in time, a shovel of dirt

There are two trauma boxes hiding in the back of my closet. Hidden beneath the need to function - I am now only just glimpsing blurry memories of the reasons they make me cry. I refuse to look in them...I'm not even sure what's in there bursting to reveal incoherent tales of submerged details. But … Continue reading A moment in time, a shovel of dirt

Scary office furniture and supplies

I was once afraid of everyday office supplies, office desks, ergonomic office chairs, black laptops, and photocopying machines...with closed doors were torture tools. Seeing a filing cabinet was particularly painful. Wooden shelvings were essentially torment. Recycling bins for shredding confidential documents were haunting sirens. Stacks of printer paper made me hyperventilate. I would hesitate going … Continue reading Scary office furniture and supplies

I have the freedom but not the luxury to…

Life...So many thoughts go through our heads as we ponder what our future may hold. So many of us are writing out loud, screaming our distress and labeling our terror. There's no place for indifference to hide anymore. If you're not enraged, then you're simply not paying attention. My truth - I aspire to write … Continue reading I have the freedom but not the luxury to…

Movies Translation

There's an obsessive repetitiveness to the thoughts I put on paper...aka. my writing... It's as if I'm learning a new language that demands mastery through repetition. I'm self-taught and thus inefficiently so. I don't understand the evil that drives the prejudice. I'm not familiar with the culture, the coding, the innuendos or the secrets withheld. … Continue reading Movies Translation

My year in review

Is it even a surprise when racial injustice, inequity and dire health crises have been the lived experience of so many, even from birth? It's been my life ever since I left the Caribbean for a global calling. I've lived this year over and over for 5 years now...and then came 2020. The world experienced … Continue reading My year in review

Too many pandemics to process

To mourn the losses we've suffered for 2020 is too much for me…I can't fathom the human suffering, I can't find the steady reasons for gratitude and I can't process what's happened to the collective this year. Why? - Because it's not over. To be alive is to be a part of things we can … Continue reading Too many pandemics to process