Movies Translation

There's an obsessive repetitiveness to the thoughts I put on paper...aka. my writing... It's as if I'm learning a new language that demands mastery through repetition. I'm self-taught and thus inefficiently so. I don't understand the evil that drives the prejudice. I'm not familiar with the culture, the coding, the innuendos or the secrets withheld. … Continue reading Movies Translation

My year in review

Is it even a surprise when racial injustice, inequity and dire health crises have been the lived experience of so many, even from birth? It's been my life ever since I left the Caribbean for a global calling. I've lived this year over and over for 5 years now...and then came 2020. The world experienced … Continue reading My year in review

Too many pandemics to process

To mourn the losses we've suffered for 2020 is too much for me…I can't fathom the human suffering, I can't find the steady reasons for gratitude and I can't process what's happened to the collective this year. Why? - Because it's not over. To be alive is to be a part of things we can … Continue reading Too many pandemics to process

Farewell to this Career

I’ve officially given up. I’ve surrendered to the colonizers what I’ve invested 5 years of schooling and 15 long years working towards. I’ve been in denial, mourning the loss for years now. Today I accept it. The system is too large, the sexist players too monstrous and the racist gate keepers too imposing for my … Continue reading Farewell to this Career

Team Lead from Hell – Part I

In my first attempt back at work - independent international consulting this time - it was an epic disaster...hell, not even describable how bad it's been. Since believing that I had triumphantly recovered from the abuse of my past sojourn into the impactful world of international development, I failed. Not even by a little bit, … Continue reading Team Lead from Hell – Part I

A Few Tips on Surviving a Racially Charged Workplace

"Since my presence made you so uncomfortable, my features made you assume I was not qualified or worthy of being here, that I'm just the diversity pick. Alas, your insecurities and your prejudices are not my doing. There are a range of frailties in this brave new world, and you just have to learn to … Continue reading A Few Tips on Surviving a Racially Charged Workplace