A moment in time, a shovel of dirt

There are two trauma boxes hiding in the back of my closet. Hidden beneath the need to function - I am now only just glimpsing blurry memories of the reasons they make me cry. I refuse to look in them...I'm not even sure what's in there bursting to reveal incoherent tales of submerged details. But … Continue reading A moment in time, a shovel of dirt

Movies Translation

There's an obsessive repetitiveness to the thoughts I put on paper...aka. my writing... It's as if I'm learning a new language that demands mastery through repetition. I'm self-taught and thus inefficiently so. I don't understand the evil that drives the prejudice. I'm not familiar with the culture, the coding, the innuendos or the secrets withheld. … Continue reading Movies Translation

My year in review

Is it even a surprise when racial injustice, inequity and dire health crises have been the lived experience of so many, even from birth? It's been my life ever since I left the Caribbean for a global calling. I've lived this year over and over for 5 years now...and then came 2020. The world experienced … Continue reading My year in review

Farewell to this Career

I’ve officially given up. I’ve surrendered to the colonizers what I’ve invested 5 years of schooling and 15 long years working towards. I’ve been in denial, mourning the loss for years now. Today I accept it. The system is too large, the sexist players too monstrous and the racist gate keepers too imposing for my … Continue reading Farewell to this Career

Yup…International Development Has a Race Problem

I'll never forget my interviews for international organizations. I feel like I spent half of the sessions batting away stereotypes. Looking back now, I can figure out the trick questions, maybe trying to find out just how "thick my skin" was. Often, there was no black person in the room...and on the few occasions there … Continue reading Yup…International Development Has a Race Problem

We Need Justice? Global Change? Internal Reform?

"I've shared my experiences and my feelings because I know I'm not the only one...Let us speak up, let us speak out, and let us make change happen. But really...on an individual level, what would justice even look like?" Warning - deep deeply pessimistic mood. I've lost the luxury of knowing that I matter. I … Continue reading We Need Justice? Global Change? Internal Reform?

[Toxic and] Hostile Workplace Environment

"When I was hired to join the World Bank Group, I was in my happy Caribbean bubble. I greeted everyone - even in elevators - made friendly conversation, respected the variety of peoples around me and treated everyone with respect and trust. I was starstruck...at first." As any other newbie happy to achieve success by … Continue reading [Toxic and] Hostile Workplace Environment

Toxic [and Hostile] Workplace Environment

"I traveled across the globe to a different world, desperate for respect and to be given a chance. So much of my identity is tied to my work, my career, my profession. Now I have anxiety attacks thinking about sitting in an office." It's been 2 years now since I first noticed the symptoms. I … Continue reading Toxic [and Hostile] Workplace Environment

“If you don’t mind, can you sit in the back? He can stay.”

"There's a seedy way in which racism affects your mental health. Racism in the workplace doesn't look like it did decades ago. It's not separate bathrooms and water coolers or openly used racial slurs. It's subtle, quiet and deceptively polite. Racism is even more dangerous when the experiences of people of color are denied, ignored … Continue reading “If you don’t mind, can you sit in the back? He can stay.”

The Darkest Hours… Literally

"As I sat in my office, unable to identify the people around me, I couldn’t tell what was going on or recognize the emotions etched on their faces." Was that concern? Horror? Sadness? Was it pity maybe? One of the ladies asked me a question, was that worry clouding her expression? My name, address or … Continue reading The Darkest Hours… Literally

I paid $100,000 for an Interview, now I have PTSD

"Heavy are the feet of those who plod in uncharted territory but are guided by a falsified dream. " I prayed for this job, I surrendered my home for this job. I left my family behind to pursue a Masters Degree for this job. I told my child that it was for a noble cause. … Continue reading I paid $100,000 for an Interview, now I have PTSD