Too many pandemics to process

To mourn the losses we've suffered for 2020 is too much for me…I can't fathom the human suffering, I can't find the steady reasons for gratitude and I can't process what's happened to the collective this year. Why? - Because it's not over. To be alive is to be a part of things we can … Continue reading Too many pandemics to process

About Poverty – A reading list

I grew up on a steady diet of lies from the mass media about what poverty is, what it means, and what it says about those affected. My parents taught me differently. My family was comfortable middle class and strong proponents of social and economic mobility through education. It was critical for our psyche that … Continue reading About Poverty – A reading list

World Bank’s Old Way of Getting a New President

"Surprise! Surprise!" I said to myself as I clicked the link to an article on devex. The opening paragraph read:"The legitimacy of the World Bank’s presidential appointment process is under renewed scrutiny after U.S. President Donald Trump’s pick, David Malpass, emerged as the only candidate to succeed Jim Kim." Knowing what I know about the … Continue reading World Bank’s Old Way of Getting a New President

Daily Misogyny – Black History Month “I’m not a racist, I work on saving your lives”

Today for our ‘Monthly Media Spotlight’ we take a glance at the intersectionality of race and gender inherent in global racism. As the month of February comes to a close, we consider the celebration of "Black History" in the United States, Canada and many countries in the Caribbean. This month usually sparks a debate as … Continue reading Daily Misogyny – Black History Month “I’m not a racist, I work on saving your lives”

Feeling so good!

I woke up one day needing some happiness from the Universe. Then I got some encouraging messages from like minded practitioners in the development space. Happy images of my colleagues, present and former coworkers, and every day people working together in the most challenging environments in the world. These were private messages with private images, … Continue reading Feeling so good!

The Absence of Colour in Leadersip

When you examine the history of the "Bretton Woods" institutions, one learns about the informal agreement between the United States and the European countries. Regarding their leadership: "Traditionally, the president of the World Bank has been nominated by the US, while the head of its sister institution, the International Monetary Fund has been picked by … Continue reading The Absence of Colour in Leadersip