Positive Vibration

“We are committed to serving others.”

“Our dream is for a better world.”

“There’s something about a career dedicated to positive global change.”

I’m grateful that we feel a sense of purpose and that we can do good. It’s necessary for those who can, to do whatever good they can. No matter your race, ethnicity, gender or country of origin, our response is global and human. We recognize the humble cause of collective service on a global human level.

Amidst the worst most vicious unimaginable conditions, a mother escaping ISIL says she’s doing everything just to see her 5 year old son smile. Reading about their story, I feel compelled to try and make her son laugh. I want to help, I need to help. I need to be a part of the solution, the humanitarian response and the structural, systematic correction.

Those of us who are in the international development field, are in a battle seeking victory over evil. There must be victory. Good must win.

I’m grateful that we have this conviction, but I’m often ashamed. Why can’t we collectively and individually do more?

Sometimes I think it’s because no matter how we try, we truly can’t empathize with the majority of people in this world. Dependent on accidents of birth place, birth time, race and/or ethnicity, economics, social networks and opportunities, some people will not be free to enjoy their full human potential.

It’s puzzling and horrifying how cruel human beings can be to each other. Those with influence in global policy have an obligation to make things better, to do better. However, our institutions are deeply flawed. Only by being better can we truly achieve the goals of global prosperity. Our work is not just physical support, aid, financing, analytics or policy, it’s spiritual.

Regardless of the religion from which you hail, I believe that we are acting from the light that burns with a drive to make the world a better place.

We will make a difference. We will make a change. We must! It’s not possible to simply let poverty or evil be the dominant settings. This can’t be the human condition…IT IS A GROSS INJUSTICE.

If there aren’t people willing and able to eradicate human suffering, then what’s the point? We are here to make life better in this world…and we will do it!

  • This is my thanks. Thank you to everyone who wants to be here, who wants to change the world for the better, who exudes positive vibrations and happy possibilities. We will be the change we need to be.
  • This is my apology. To survivors, to those lost, to those still waiting for help…You are the heroes of every story, you are the ones deserving of praise, you deserve better. Our systems are broken; our bureaucracies wasteful and inefficient; our relations are flawed. There’s no excuse.

This is my heart, that I have given fully to a life of global service to end poverty and human suffering. Something can be done to magnify our impact. Injustice anywhere seeps into the world everywhere. Let us share the light and make a better world.

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