The scariest place to me is an office

There’s something that’s just not right. We are not supposed to be terrified at work. No matter the field we are in. No matter the gender or skin we display. No matter what we believe, disbelieve, hope or dream.

Even before the pandemic, I was terrified. My nightmares are set in places of power…What do I do with that?

I tick too many diversity boxes to elaborate. But my livelihood is a hostile environment. I fight against giants and I’m filled with fear. The scariest place to me is an office, the physical space, as well as the vacated power of authority. People in office – Legislature, Executive and Judiciary – have a duty to act…but why is action so hard when it comes to perpetrators? They make the world so unsafe for so many of us.

Terrible people were the first virus.

Violence at work is so pervasive. Constant siege of harassment and belittlement experienced as fill in blank here – woman, person of colour, LGBTQ+, religious, non-religious – a category. This isn’t just perception it’s lived experiences now being shared out loud by so many. But add to this all is the moment in history we find ourselves examining our world.

Another virus that devastates.

A globe facing a health crises that is non-discriminatory by nature yet very targeted in its effects. This one takes aim at the vital arteries of modern society without the main beneficiaries giving enough energy to the well-being of those who give so much of themselves. Yet those in office have barely done anything to effectively manage this crises. Instead, incompetence and vitriol damaged a joint response that could have saved lives…What do we do with that?

A pervasive threat to our health, and still they insist we return to offices. Hotbeds of viruses both seen and unknown. Things must change, we must demand change, we must effect change. How can society ruminate beyond this to make deep meaningful change.

Power to the People.

I feel like our survival depends on it.

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