Daily Misogyny – Pervasiveness of sexual harassment and assault in the work place

Today in our ‘Monthly Media Spotlight‘ we considered writing a thoughtful piece about sexual harassment in the workplace, but we are satisfied that so much has been said thanks to the MeToo revolution that people get it. So much has been said over the past few years that the slow evolution of the law is disconcerting to say the least. As a society, the bravery of many women across various industries have collectively raised awareness..however, the development field is eerily silenced…It’s a massive problem and answers are slowly revealing themselves, but we need the right questions to have the right solutions.

So instead we’ll pose some questions and ask you to share your questions too.

Some personal ones:

What’s the economic cost to individuals, institutions and development countries, as a result of the pain and suffering experienced? How long does it take for your brain to mend after a breakdown? What amount of time do you need for a chronic disease to stop flaring? What’s the intensity of work required to start recovering from harassment and assault? What does it take to get over the feeling of violation and helplessness? How much time do you need to get back your self-confidence after workplace bullying and professional humiliation?

How long will the rejection from exclusion hurt?

Sexual harassment and assault are pervasive and a lived experience for many in the workplace. Unfortunately, due to the artificial veil of protection for international organizations, we many never know the full extent of this tragedy in these institutions and how this affects employees and beneficiaries. It’s time we stand up and speak out.


How much of gender biases affect the occurrence and intensity of sexual harassment in international development organizations. Does this state protection damage the greater good?

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