I needed a win…and I got it!!!

Wow, it’s been months since I could find the words to be heard. So much has happened yet so little has changed in the international development space.

At the same time, my world evolved today…I had a win…and with it I won back my dignity, my self-confidence and my sense of value in competence.

This journey was hard…but if love was a colour, it would be the myriad of shades that came to my rescue. Strong women everywhere held on to me, hugged me, wrote to me, encouraged me and reminded me of who I am. They reassured me that I wasn’t crazy, that I was worthy and that I was wanted.

Most of all, they reminded me that this too shall pass…so many have gone through it and so many have come out on the other side different, tougher…not stronger, because we’ve always been strong. I don’t need to be stronger, I don’t need to be more likeable, I don’t need to change to come across as less intelligent, or to try to be less threatening. I’m great as I am and I deserve to be wherever I please. I do not require anyone’s permission and I have no duty to compensate for other people’s biases.

It isn’t me, it really is them – them a society, a group, an ethnocentric bunch seated in old world domination and bullying.

No mas!!

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